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Electric Hand Pump

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Electric Hand Pump

Never has pumping been more convenient- just plug the tube into your cylinder and press the button and you’re on the road to a fun pumping experience. This handheld electric pump is portable so you can take it along with the rest of your pumping gear when you travel. The electrical feature on this hand pump means you don’t need to continually squeeze a traditional hand pump. Instead, all you do is press and hold the blue button and this hand pump does the rest of the work for you. Runs on four AA batteries (not included). If you want to go battery free the included AC adapter lets you plug it into an electrical socket. Includes two feet of tubing with a male connector so you get a lot of space to work with.

The Electric Pump reaches capacity quickly and maintains a low pressure to help avoid over pumping. You’ll be surprised how easily it sucks your cock into the cylinder but it tapers off the pressure to help avoid over doing it. There is no PSI gauge on this pump, so as with many things, take it slow in the beginning and learn your body’s limits.

Here’s some helpful information when it comes to pumping:
Never create a situation that is uncomfortable. High pressure is not needed to get great results. While each person may be different we generally recommend pumping for no more than 15 minutes and taking at least a 15 minute break before pumping again. We don’t recommend pumping more than three times per day. For pumps with a PSI gauge you should never go above 15 PSI. Be gentle on your body, learn your limits but most of all, have fun!

Pump cylinders sold separately
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