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Fetters Strap Face Cage

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The Fetters Strap Face Cage is a perfect head trip for guys who get easily overheated in full hoods, but want the feel of leather wrapped around their head.

Fetters Strap Face Cage 

Fetters USA.

A classic Fetters design is back and even better than before! Revamped to fit even better than the original. We updated the placement of all the straps so that it sits perfectly on your head. With so many adjustable straps it means you can get an amazing fit on a wide variety of heads.

All buckles are off to one side so you can lay down comfortably. Extra room under the chin allows for the mouth opening to be even wider than before. We added a thicker locking collar so your Sir can lock you in it tight. The new D-ring attachment at the top gives you a great tie down point. Comes with three removable components: blindfold, mouth cover and tongue depressor gag.

This hood gives you a nice sense of anonymity without completely encasing your head. Perfect for guys who get easily overheated in full hoods.

Head Sizing

Brow 21-24" 53.3-61 cm
Chin Over Crown 26-29" 66-73.7 cm
Gag 20-22" 50.8-55.9 cm
Collar 14-18" 35.6-45.7 cm
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