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Scream Hood

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If you like creative bondage and sensory deprivation, the Scream Hood is a perfect fit. The warm, supple leather encapsulates the wearer's hands and head, and provides tons of unique bondage points for a creative session.

Scream Hood

Designed by our devious SF production department and heavily tested on numerous willing boys, the Scream Hood is one of our most unique and complex hoods. We spent the time to get all the details on this hood just right. Inspired by the Edvard Munch painting of the same name but with a bondage twist.

The mitts zip directly over the ears and only allow your sub to hear only muffled sounds. Attach a lock to the two black d-rings (one on the mitt and the other on the hood) and your sub can struggle all he wants and not pull the mitts away from his ears. We recommend using it this way when attaching the two components together to keep the zippers from loosening. Padded eyes mean when the hood is on he has no sight. Grommets allow the sub to breathe so he can be in this hood for a long scene. Locking collar so you’re in control of when the hood comes off. Lacing in the back gives you a nice amount of adjustability and lets you cinch this hood down nice and tight. The hood then zips shut so he’s completely encased and you have a beautiful looking sub boy to use as you please.

The mitts and hood can also be used independently of one another so there’s a number of ways to play with this gear. The padded mitts zip together as well which adds a sexy element to your scene. With the mitts on, his hands are useless - he’s yours for the taking. They have a Velcro closure and a locking wrist strap to get just the right fit and keep them securely on. Two silver d-rings on each mitt give you tie down points.

We’re so proud of this hood; once you get a chance to play with it you’ll see exactly why. Fun, sexy, modern, and unlike anything else out there!

Comes with 5 brass keyed-alike locks.

Head Sizing

Brow (Circ.) Chin Over Crown Collar
Small 21-22.5"
53.3-57.2 cm
63.5-67.3 cm
35.6-39.4 cm
Medium 22-23.5"
55.9-59.7 cm
66-69.9 cm
38.1-41.9 cm
Large 23-24.5"
58.4-62.2 cm
68.6-72.4 cm
40.6-47 cm
X-Large 24-25.5"
61-64.8 cm
71.1-74.9 cm
45.7-50.8 cm
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