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Essential Leather Straitjacket

Mr. S Leather

Essential Leather Straitjacket

Wrapped tightly in thick leather, you struggle to escape... knowing you'd really rather stay right where you are. No worries cause once you're put in a Mr. S Straitjacket your options are over, though you may not know it yet.

Breathe deep, smell the rich scent of hand tooled leather and the feeling of cold steel resisting the last of your fight. Accept that you're no longer in control. Surrender cause you don't have a choice. Your arms pinned down, why can't you lift them? Damn the side straps! Those devious men at Mr. S thought of everything... We should cause that's how we play.

Sure it's soft, sure it's comfortable, but like all of our gear the "Essential Straitjacket" is made for hard and heavy use. If you're looking for an entry level S/J there's none better... even when compared to other manufacturer's high-end gear. Like our top of the line Fetters Hands-Down Straitjacket (SJ008), you'll get all of the quality you expect from us redesigned in a streamlined package that includes all of the basics, a few extras and a great price. When you purchase anything from our "Essential" line, you know you're getting the best value around. For some people it may be worth a bit more money to go for the top of the line version with all of the options and extra-heavy double-reinforced leather strapping (SJ008), your call. Either way you're going to enjoy a lifetime of play with the best. We've been doing it that way for over 30 years.

Highest quality 3oz leather available
5 full circumference, riveted, buckling body straps
2 heavy duty riveted and adjustable crotch straps
2 arm pinning side straps (so no Houdini moves in this one)
Double Welded D-Ring and Riveted abdominal strap secure arms forward
Riveted Attached Collar with Welded D-Ring and adjustable back buckle

Please be advised: For international customers, this is an Oversize/Heavyweight item and will have a shipping fee calculated at checkout.

Size Chart
Chest Waist
Small 38 - 39 in / 96 - 99 cm 30 - 33 in / 76 - 84 cm
Medium 40 - 41 in / 101 - 104 cm 33 - 36 in / 83 - 92 cm
Large 42 - 43 in / 106 - 109 cm 36 - 39 in / 91 - 99 cm
X-Large 44 - 45 in / 111 - 114 cm 39 - 42 in / 99 - 107 cm
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