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Leather Lined Bag Hood

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If you are into breath play, this Leather Lined Bag Hood can be a fun addition to your toy chest. The thick leather paired with the small eyelets only allow a small amount of air into the hood.

Leather Lined Bag Hood

Whatever experience level you may be, NEVER practice breath play alone. Always have a buddy with you or as part of the scene.

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This is a loose fitting Bag Hood - made of all leather, with a soft leather lining inside. 2 nose holes are the only way to get air inside and when you exhale a lot of your breath stays inside the hood since the nose holes are not right up against your nostrils. This gives your boy a sense that he can't get as much fresh air as he thinks he might need. He will be left feeling helpless and sent deep into sub headspace.

Two cinch rings at the back for lacing closed around the neck.

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