Magic Wand Cordless

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This Cordless Magic Wand is world-renown and top of the line for rechargable vibration wands. Your boy will squirm in ecstacy when you apply its powerful vibrations to his dick or hole.

Magic Wand Cordless

This cordless vibrating wand always takes care of business.

The Magic Wand has been the best-selling massager/vibrator for over 30 years. Known as the “King of Vibrators” this massager has gained major worldwide popularity through years of consistent design and durability. Beware of imitation products - many companies have tried to imitate the Magic Wand, but fall short in power and durability.

With a silicone head, 4 intensity levels, and 4 vibration patterns, you're sure to rock someones world. Consistent pressure with varied vibrations on your sub boy's chastity cage will have him drooling dick snot without you having to even unlock him. For a different kind of fun, turn your boy around and press this wand into his butt plug - you'll have him squirming under its intense prostate targeting power.

For more focused vibrations or anal penetration, try out the Wonder Wand Attachment.


The Cordless Magic Wand comes with its own charging adapter and a 6ft cord. A complete charge takes approximately 3 hours which will run your Magic Wand for about the same time. As an added bonus, this massager can be used both cordless and plugged-in.

Care & Cleaning

After 20 minutes of continuous use, this unit will shut-off automatically to ensure safety and battery longevity. As with any electronic product please read the enclosed user manual including warnings and cautions so you get the best use out of this product.

This product is NOT waterproof or splashproof.

If you need to clean this toy, a paper towel dampened with rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

Head and buttons are silicone. Body is sturdy ABS plastic.
Overall length: 13 inches.
Weight: 1lb 5oz (21oz)

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