Oxballs Ultracore Ball Stretcher - Red/Black

If you like a good firm squeeze and tug on your ball sack, then get ready for the Ultracore Ball Stretcher from Oxballs. Two clever pieces combine to create one ball stretcher that wont lose its grip on your nutts.

Oxballs Ultracore Ball Stretcher - Red/Black

Stretch your balls and grip them tight with the Ultracore Ball Stretcher by Oxballs. You get two pieces in one package: the gummy Core ball stretcher, and the black Axis outer ball ring that locks in place over the top, giving you the best grip on your ballsack imaginable.

If you find your other silicone ball stretchers loosen up or lose their grip over time, then this is the toy for you; the outer Axis ring keeps everything nice and snug and in its place.

Care & Cleaning

Made of PLUS+Silicone™, which combines the strength and stretch of TPR with the warmth and softness of smooth silicone. Compatible with water-based, hybrid, or silicone lubes. Oil-based lubes are not recommended and will shorten the life of this toy.

Wash with warm water and dish soap. Store separately from other toys.


Length: 2" 5 cm
Width: 2" 5 cm
Depth: 1.75" 5 cm
Outer Circumference: 7" 18 cm
Inside Diameter: 1"-1.2" 3-4 cm
Outside Diameter: 2" 5 cm

Length: 2" 5 cm
Width: 2" 5 cm
Depth: .75" 2 cm
Outer Circumference: 6.5" 17 cm
Inside Diameter: 1" 3 cm
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