Serial Number Security Locks - 10 Pack

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Plastic disposable locks for any chastity device that uses a padlock (or Cobra Chastity plus Air Lock System). Each is serial numbered so your Dom can make remote check-ins and ensure you arent being a naughty boy.

Serial Number Security Locks - 10 Pack

These plastic, numbered locks are a great alternative to the external lock on your chastity cage. Each plastic lock has a unique serial number that can be checked daily to make sure the wearer is staying true to their lockup.

These Serial Numbered Security Locks are useful in a variety of situations:

  • When the wearer is traveling by plane or anywhere where there are metal detectors.
  • When the wearer and keyholder are separated by distance, it is useful to have a plastic lock that can be cut if there is an emergency.
  • If the wearer is going to be swimming often or they know their cage is going to be wet a lot; a plastic lock will not rust.
  • When the wearer doesn't want a metal lock that makes noise when they are getting dressed in the locker room.
These locks will not effectively replace the Holy Trainer hitch lock, and are mostly useful for any device that uses an external padlock.

The Air Lock pin for the X Lock Cobra Chastity Cage will allow you to use these locks with that device.

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