Skin Stapler

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For some extreme play, try this Skin Stapler with your pain pig. Staple his dick, his scrotum, his lips... you name it! Always keep your play environment sterile, and you'll only have delicious fun with this intense toy.

Skin Stapler

The most wonderful thing about these is the fearful anticipation that a boy will feel as he knows he's about to be stapled. With proper technique, the bark is much worse than the bite!

The staples pinch the skin closed and in many cases will not fully puncture the skin. We tested this on our resident pig, Jim, by pulling the skin from his cock shaft up over the head of his dick and then stapling the skin shut. Just the feeling alone of knowing that his dick was locked away made him hard as a rock. Sadly for him though, the staples held fast and he was not able to free his dick.

After removing the first round of staples, we then pulled the skin from his ball sack over his dick and then stapled that shut - again locking away his dick... nasty!

Finally, we stapled the slit of his dick shut, applied one staple under his balls, and then using thin string, tied the tip of his cock down (tucking like you've never seen before.)

Jim compared the feeling to be similar to the way a nipple clamp feels when it's first applies to your tit. A gentle pinch that takes just a moment to absorb.

Safety Practices

The staplers are sterile and disposable, and contain 35 staples. They are not refillable and are not recommended for use with more than one person. Do not use a skin stapler that was opened long prior to a scene, as the staples are no longer sterile.

Staple Remover to safely remove the staples.

Please note that these can draw blood depending on which part of the body you apply them to and with how much pressure you use. Play carefully and advance your technique as you gain experience with this toy.

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