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Mr. S Lube Shooter 2-Pack

For the best fucking, fisting, and big toy action, a well lubricated hole is the key to success. These lube shooters will make sure your hole is ready to go for any sort of night you have planned.

Mr. S Lube Shooter 2-Pack

Deliver your favorite lube exactly where it needs to go - deep in a hot ass. These Lube Shooters are great for making sure your boy is ready for everything you're gunna shove in him. Whether its some huge toys or the line of guys waiting to dump a load, your boy will be lubed up until he taps out.

Comes in a pack of two.

Care & Cleaning

If you're "double dipping", we recommend portioning out some of your lube into a different container before play to avoid contaminating your entire lube bottle. To clean, just rinse with warm, soapy water and let dry.

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