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X-Lube is your new favorite powdered lube. Crystal clear and slippery-as-fuck, you'll love using this for fisting, huge toys, or the neighbor's giant dick.


For the first time, X-Lube is now available in the U.S. only at Mr. S Leather.

X-Lube is your new favorite lube for all kinds of play. Added to water it produces a crystal clear gel that is free of any tastes or odors. The lubricant has a natural feel, and is extremely slippery with a long-lasting cushioning slide.

One bottle of X-Lube powder makes 20+ liters of fantastic lube - that’s about $1.45 per liter.

No Additives, bulking agents, or sugars. Toy compatible and condom friendly!

Storage & Cleaning

X-Lube is free of preservatives. Store mixed lube out of sunlight, in an air-tight container (bottle, Tupperware etc.) and ideally a cool place like a fridge. We recommend using within two weeks after mixing. After one week we recommend checking for mold prior to use.

The manufacturer advises that all open bottles (dry powder) should be used within 12 months after opening. During this time it should be stored in a dark, dry location.

Wash your sheets and towels in the washing machine with detergent - no stains or discoloration. If you have some spillage, wipe it away with a dry towel or cloth - done!

How To Mix:

  1. Add one cap full of powder to 500mL (a little more than 2 cups) of water in a sports bottle.
  2. Shake the bottle vigorously for 10 seconds. It helps to use your hand to cover the opening of your bottle for this step, as the powder may become lodged in the nozzle.
  3. Cap the bottle and wait 10 mins.
  4. Shake the bottle for 20 more seconds. You may leave the cap on for this.
  5. Wait 20 more minutes for the lube to develop a good consistency. For best results, prepare 1 to 2 hours before using.

Mixing X-Lube in a blender is not recommended, as it breaks down the powder too much.

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