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You may already have heard about it. This amazing lube is cheap, latex safe, very slippery, and is particularly good for inserting large objects up your butt. Washes off easily with a sprinkle of salt that breaks down the lubricant's molecular structure. J-Lube is a strange high tech, long chain polyethylene polymer. It takes some practice to get adept in its use, but more than worth the time experimenting to get the perfect blend! You add water to the J-Lube white powder to make the lubricant. This also means you can travel with the powder without the worry of spillage into your luggage. You only have to make as much as you will need.


Mixing Instructions

A Guide for mixing J-Lube with Crisco

A Guide for applying J-Lube

J-Lube tricks!

One 8oz. container of J-Lube makes an amazing six to eight gallons of lube.

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