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Sports Bottle / Lube Squirter

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Mix up a batch of your favorite fisting lube in this no spill, less mess Sports Bottle. When you're done, just close the cap and store for the next round of piggy activities.

Sports Bottle / Lube Squirter

Whether you're staying hydrated at the gym, or mixing up a batch of fisting lube, this Sports Bottle will let the guys know you mean business.

We've found that this bottle is the absolute best lube dispenser and applicator around. It's not going to spill and it's not going to leak. All it takes to get a good squirt on your dick or up a guy's hole is a quick squeeze of the bottle.

Even if the cap is open, you can knock this bottle off the nightstand when you're fucking like rabbits, and there won't be a big mess to clean up.

When you're done pigging out, you can just close the top, wipe off the outside, and store according to your preferred lube's storage instructions to save the rest for next time.

Works great for mixing your preference of Fist Powder, K-Lube, J-Lube, FFäusten Lube, X-Lube, or any other powder-based lubricant.

Also check out our Sports Bottle Holster if you're going to some really piggy parties and you need your fisting lube close at hand.

20oz. capacity. Top rack dishwasher safe.

84% of 100
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