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Cat o' Nine Whip 16 Plait

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Cat o' Nine Whip

This 16 plait Cat o' Nine Tails is the pride of our toy bag and the envy of the serious whip enthusiasts in almost every dungeon we visit. 16 individual lengths of fine leather are hand woven to produce a beautiful and accurate instrument of pleasure through pain.

Woven knob base keeps your hand where it needs to be. Handle is woven around super fine lead shot that keeps the cat balanced in your hand. This Cat breaks in with only a couple of good throws. This whip gets to know you as quickly as you get to know it. By your next scene, your Cat will be customized to your throwing style. Not the kind of toy you lend out.

Nine woven tails with seven inch lashes leave a claw-like mark giving the Cat of Nine Tails its name. Can be thrown with a snap as a whip or used as flogger when you want to mix a little sting into the thud.

Meticulously built by hand in the USA. The "bellies" contain only the best available parts and the overlay is hand cut from carefully selected kangaroo leather. All the individual strands are pared and skived and if required hand dyed before they are tightly plaited.

Available in All Black, Black and Red, or Black and Blue.

15” Weighted Base/Handle
12” Braided Tails
7” Lashes/”Claws”

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