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Locking Thigh Restraints

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Grab a set of these Locking Thigh Restraints for your toy chest. These hefty straps are great for all sorts of creative bondage scenarios.

Locking Thigh Restraints

You're going to love watching a boy squirm with these heavy duty restraints locked around his thighs - his hard cock pointing skyward. He's turned on and just waiting for you to work him over, HARD!

Clip a pair of your favorite wrist restraints to the D-rings on the outer side. This piece works great with all your existing, well-worn and well-loved gear.

Similar to our Thigh-to-Wrist Restraint but with the flexibility to detach the wrist and string your boy up however you need him strung up. When you do clip restraints, he'll have a limited range of motion to readjust his arms and shoulders so he won't be going anywhere.

Get him tied and locked down any way you want:

  • Spread eagle with his thighs pulled to the sides.
  • Humbled with his ankles clipped up to his thighs.
  • Helpless with his arms down and his wrists bound down to his legs.
  • Or anything else you can think of.
Any way you do it, he won't be able to do much more than whimper and scream as you slap, punch, pinch, bite and torture him into total submission.

Sold as a pair. Locks sold separately.

Dimensions & Features

27.5" long - These can accommodate the meatiest thighs and can cinch down restrain even the most wirey guys. Velcro underlay & helps keep the restraint up while you buckle it in place.

3.5" wide - Reinforced with a solid 3 inch wide strap of thick latigo leather with an under layer of doubled over soft and supple leather.

2" buckles - You can strap these guys on tight.

Mr. S Leather signature locking posts - Once they're locked on, they're staying on.

Two D-rings on the outer thigh give you plenty of room to run rope through and string a boy up anyway you want.

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