Mr. S Leather

Mr. S Premium Hand Pump

Get a good grip on your vac-pumping game with our Premium Hand Pump and its ergonomic silicone handle.

Mr. S Premium Hand Pump

This sleek hand pump is built with sturdy lightweight metals, silicone hand grips and hosing, and an attached "Hg gauge for pressure accuracy. Comes with one 12" silicone hose.

This hand pump is not suitable for wet use. Water-based lube recommended. If you're using oil-based lubes when getting your pump on, remember to include your handle and hose in your cleanup after you get your pump on.

Vac-pumping accessories and tubes sold separately.

Pumping Safety

New to vac pumping? Check out the attached PDF for in-depth info on how to cock pump, and how to do it safely.

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