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Rosebud Pumper

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If you like a set of big, puffy, engorged ass-lips, you'll have a great time with this acrylic Rosebud Pumper. Enhance the pleasure of a good fuck and make your hole juicy and irresistible.

Rosebud Pumper

Are you ready to see some rose bud? This cylinder will work and suck your hole like nothing else you've experienced.

The Rosebud Pumper consists of a small diameter cylinder with a rod running down the center that extends outside the cylinder. Just lube up the rod and the end of the cylinder (use a good thick lube to provide a good seal), slide the rod into your hole until the end of the cylinder presses against your flesh, and start to pump!

Our Rosebud Pumper has a unique ergonomic shape which allows it to fit better against your body giving you a better seal than other circular versions.

Wash with warm water and dish soap.

Rosebud Pumper only. Hand Pump sold separately.


Cylinder 6.5" deep 3" inner diameter
Rod Insert 10" long 1" diameter
97% of 100
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