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Locking Thigh to Wrist Restraints

Mr. S Leather
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Locking Thigh to Wrist Restraints

Smack his ass hard and watch his entire body tense up as he tries to react but can’t with his wrists bound tight to his thighs. Have him kneel and when he’s not expecting it, push him head down onto the floor. He won’t be getting back up until you let him.

Perfect for whatever bondage scene you have planned. The beauty of this piece is that each wrist-to-thigh restraint is independent. You can have him walk – humbled and ready to obey – from the cross to the bed or wherever you want him.

Torture him anyway you want. All he’ll be able to do is take it and say, ’Thank you Sir. May I have another?’

Locking Wrist Restraints Included – For a tighter, more fixed bondage experience, a single locking wrist restraint is attached to each thigh restraint. No need to pull out more gear. It’s all here in one piece.

Any way you do it, he won’t be able to do much more than whimper and scream as you slap, punch, pinch, bite and torture him into total submission.

27.5 inches long – These can accommodate the meatiest thighs and can cinch down restrain even the most wiry guys. Velcro underlay – helps keep the restraint up while you buckle it in place.

3.5 inches wide – Reinforced with a solid 3 inch wide strap of thick latigo leather with an under layer of doubled over soft and supple leather.

2 inch buckles - you can strap these guys on tight.

Mr. S Leather signature locking posts – Once they’re locked on, they’re staying on.

Two D-rings on the outer thigh give you plenty of room to run rope through and string a boy up anyway you want.

Slimmer, sleeker and easier to use. We redesigned the Locking Thigh Restraints to fit the way you play.

Sold by the pair

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