Max Fuel - 6-Count Bottle

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Max Fuel drinks have become a popular product here at the shop. Now get the same boner inducing ingredients in a bottle of 6 pills!

Max Fuel 6-Count Bottle

Max Fuel Boner Drinks have been a hit at the shop and now you can get the same great formula in a single pill. Max Fuel pills are extreme strength male enhancement- lasting up to 72 hours. You read that right, one pill can last for almost 3 day! Plus, these fast-acting pills get to work in under 40 minutes so you’ll be ready and raring to go pretty quickly.

Take 1 Max Fuel pill every 72 hours. For maximum effect take 40 minutes prior to sexual activity. Stay hydrated- drink 8 glasses of water daily during use. Do NOT exceed the recommended dosage.

As always with erection pills or boner enhancers, do not take if you are taking nitrates, other blood pressure medications or “poppers”. Do NOT exceed 1 capsule every 24 hours.
Active Ingredients Other Ingredients

Cordyceps Sinesis

Aged Garlic Extract



Cinnamon Bark

Ginkgo Biloba

Red-berried Weeds


Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Wild Yam Extract

Magnesium Stearate

Silicon Dioxide



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